Hope I am under the wire!

I am hurrying to write this because I don’t want to be at the last week and not have a post! So I need to hurry and write about what I am making right now for dinner tonight. And it was totally an accident.

I about gave up earlier this week. I missed the local Farmer’s Market because I was doing a triathlon on Thursday. I ended up winning this! Yay me!

I am pretty proud of myself. Anyhoo, I had despaired of finding some local ingredients to prepare a meal this week until I saw this in the paper on the way home from the triathlon:

These are produced by our local Hutterite colony and they sell them a few times a year. Score! So I picked up some chickens and made roast chicken, then spent yesterday making broth with the carcass and onions from the garden.

But still, I was worrying about what to actually put in the soup.

We did another triathlon today. It was in Hot Springs, about 30 miles south of us. This one was an Olympic distance. We did it as a relay team. I had the bike leg. A 25 mile bike leg. It was hard. The wind was unstoppable. Sometimes I would be pedaling and not going anywhere. In spite of that we finished 2nd place in open team! That was awesome. Here I am after the bike:

Here we are with our medals:

And on the way home — another score! A Farmer’s Market! I had Mark slam on the brakes and pull in. They had just closed but let me buy what I wanted:

Onions, cukes, carrots, peppers, eggs, bread and fresh goat cheese! Bonus!

So for tonight: fresh chicken soup, and toasted goat cheese sandwiches. Yahoo!

You know what else? My girls were so excited to tell the Farmer’s Market people about our eat local challenge. The people were so impressed they gave the twins a giant bag of carrots. Which they devoured on the way home. That’s my girls!

That’s been the best thing about Eat Local Challenge. I know this has made an impact on my kids. And I hope they carry it with them their whole lives.


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