OLS Meal in the midst of hail & flood

I’ve been meaning to make this meal for a while. I wanted to have a traditional Swedish dinner made from all local ingredients. I have never made these before, but my grandmother made them quite often. Surprisingly, Mark and the twins both devoured these. There was none left. I must say, they were excellent!

So I present, a traditional Swedish dish: Kåldolmar


Head of cabbage from the FM
Buffalo meat substituted for ground beef & pork in the recipe
I skipped the rice as I don’t like rice
Added allspice & white pepper.
Milk and 1 egg
make up the meat with milk and eggs and spices like meatballs. Blanch the cabbage head. Tear off the leaves and put a blob of the meat mixture in a leaf and roll it up. Fry these in a skillet, then transfer to a dutch oven with simmering vegetable stock. Simmer for about an hour.

Mmmmm! Delicious!

Sorry no finished pictures as they are gone Johnson!


One Response to OLS Meal in the midst of hail & flood

  1. lucette says:

    Very much like a Slovak dish that my mother and grandmother used to make–halupki (not sure of the spelling). And so good!

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